Break A Leg

13 Oct

"Get out there and break a leg", the roommate said to the cockroach.

Introducing Fuzzy Soap

12 Oct

How is this possible? It reminds us of bacon-wrapped shrimp, but it's hair-wrapped soap. Click on the image for enlarged grossness.

New Roomie!

11 Oct

If I see this frog in her toilet one more day, I am going to start charging it rent.

The Art of Friendship

10 Oct


Love notes to your gross roommate may or may not be effective.


In the Beginning, there was a gross roommate…

10 Oct

We have a gross roommate, like seriously gross.  Our roommate is so gross it inspired us create a blog about it.  It’s an outlet for us, and we want it to be an outlet for you too.  We invite you to send pictures of your gross roomies to, and we’ll post them up for the giddy enjoyment of the whole world to see.  Don’t worry,  the names and faces of the accused will be kept anonymous and blah, blah, blah.